Alison Diva"With a voice ‘spun of pure 24 Karat Gold." Soprano Alison Buchanan has thrilled audiences around the world.  A remarkably versatile artist Buchanan’s extensive repertoire includes opera, lieder, chamber music, orchestral vocal works, and cabaret. A champion of contemporary music Buchanan has performed and premiered the works of many composers, most recently collaborating with Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. George Walker on a recording of his songs.  Buchanan is involved with ROH2 the contemporary arm of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden…. Buchanan’s luscious voice has incredible richness and clarity she is a consummate artist!


My Words

“An Artist of considerable vigor and dramatic intensity.....Most striking about her artistry was the evidence of a large regal voice controlled by technique and intelligence. Her tone is bright and firm yet there is a warmth and sense of intimacy to her singing, shaping melodies with extraordinary grace.”
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle


La Boheme

“Buchanan is a consummate artist, her luscious voice has incredible richness and clarity, spun of pure 24 karat gold. Her voice is powerful with great confidence and is simply a delicious experience"
Keith Kreitmann, San Mateo Times


Alison Buchanan's soprano voice simply cut the air with a knife. One could stir up all Tel Aviv with her voice.
Hanoch Ron, Yedioth Acharonot

Buchanan's ample spinto—a delectable soprano timbre with a distinct dramatic edge—electrified Still's arched melodies and easily unleashed their emotional substance. With her impeccable diction and insightful phrasing, I can only pray that Buchanan is imparting her technique to a host of young singers. Such virtues have become increasingly rare on the opera stage and the recital hall.
Kenneth Herman, San Diego Arts


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