“Buchanan’s dazzling fiorature as Cortese in the Viaggio finale announced further reason to appreciate a singer who earlier produced the evening’s showstopper. At the ethereal first phrases of Das war sehr gut Mandryka from Strauss’ Arabella this writer put down his pen to surrender to the sheer transport.”
Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Examiner

“The musical star of the evening arrived in Act II. As Countess Almaviva, Buchanan’s voice showed gentle femininity and a depth of emotion, she was so expressive that her name in any production is reason enough to check it out.”
Ken Keuffer, Philadelphia Inquirer

"musicality and intelligence....complemented by an inviting assura “One absolute showstopper was fantastic soprano Alison Buchanan who produced a warm, confident tone and a very high level of nuance on stage.
Antonia Couling, The Singer

“As Micaela, the rejected girlfriend from home, Alison Buchanan stole the show." 
Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

“Buchanan has a fine voice and was vocally spot on as Pamina" 
Adrian Mourby, Opera Now

“Buchanan introduced her Micaela, Saturday....her witty sophistication was down right refreshing, and to the aria she imparted a smoky and poised musicianship."
Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Examiner

“ As Julianna in Argento’s Aspern Papers, Buchanan managed with considerable dramatic flair to appear alternatively as a decrepit but strong willed old lady and as a charismatic diva. Whether mumbling as the old lady or soaring in the flashy bel canto of her young incarnation Buchanan displayed vibrant tone, elegant phrasing and superb diction.”
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

“Buchanan’s rendition of Mimi’s Act III aria was both heartfelt and impeccably controlled....she brought a quiet grace to the deathbed scene.” 
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
“The real winners were the audience, who heard a remarkably versatile singer, precise in phrasing and intonation. Controlling her big voice beautifully, she is highly sensitive to words and emotional overtones.”
Joseph Molellan, Washington Post

"Inevitably, and rightly the stage was dominated by Alison Buchanan, strong of voice and presence and a prima donna in the making"
Tom Rosenthal, Opera Now (Koanga by Delius at Sadlers Wells)


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